February 22nd, 2012

Rushing and Wishing

So today I took the long way home, my train line is a circle and if all the stops are letters of the alphabet A-Z with “A” being one of the main train stations and “Z” being the other. I go to either of theses stations “A” or “Z” depending on where I have to go but my stops pretty much “U” thus making it 4 or 5 stops to Madrid and about 15 minuets either way but today for no apparent reason I took the train right round the circle which takes about an hour and a half. It was really nice not only because it is the more scenic of the two but because for what seems like the first time in forever I wasn’t rushing, I didn’t look at my watch once. It seems that everybody rushes every where theses days -rushing to work rushing home from work to go to the gym to eat to go to bed to wake up to get the kids to school to do it all again.  Even texting we can’t seem to write the whole word like “u” for the sake of saving two letters. Its like were in that movie “In Time” where you have to earn time to live and if your watch runs out you die.  What is worse is that this sense rushing everywhere is installed into us from such a young age I remember being in Primary School wishing for the end of the day to rush home to rush to dancing or swimming or horse riding so that the weekend/midterms/summer holidays would come sooner and then Primary school would be over faster so I could start secondary school where the rushing would start again, we never stop rushing and for what? Where are we always rushing too? Death? I really hope not because that seems a tad dramatic right? All I know is all the time I was wishing and rushing time to hurry up everyone older was telling me to stop wishing and rushing and enjoy it as it comes, how right were they? Were not in the movie yet most of us seem to act like we are, I just wish someone knew where we all seem to be rushing too and how do we stop rushing. Don’t get me wrong I know we have to work and make a living and have a family and grow up but do we really? Isn’t there something more to it then just doing what 95 per-cent of people seem to do EVERY DAY.

I someone showed me this and I really like it so thought I would share : )

February 9th, 2012
November 26th, 2011

When we were Young

November 25th, 2011


So as most of you know I have been back form Chile :(

 for quite a while though sadly I haven’t spent nearly enough time at home what with one heck of an amazing trip to Egypt

and school talks for PT and debrefing,

 catching up with  friends

and family

one dead computer 

(don’t worry it wasn’t quite this dramatic but it looked more interesting then mine) a crazy trip to Nothampton

and oh yeah I moved to MADRID

so have been pretty crazy all in all coming home did not make my life any less hectic but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

So I am now back online but in a different part of the world but still as crazy as ever :) I had intended to upload the last Chile post before moving on but due to technical reasons beyond my control I now have half my wonderful Pictures here and half and in Ireland non of which I would of had without the help of a techie genius who goes by the name of Tim, tbh the computer would of been dead a long time ago with out him too so THANK YOU! And to my wonderful mother and farther for help getting me back online within the week! So you can expect one some posts before the Last Chile post comes along! Like the Egypt one below! I am not really sure how I am going to continue this blog, I doubt it will be any where near as regular as Chile and there will fewer words I think but I’ll take it as it comes! and for now Chao!

Its missing a few bits and bobs but you get the gist :)

August 9th, 2011

How time flys….

Well I have to say I didn´t ever think I would be writing this so soon! So when I last talked to you all I had 3 weeks left and it seems I blinked for a second and now I am in my LAST week and all of a sudden people are now saying ¨wow not long left¨rather then the old ¨your here for so long!¨  How did that happen?

Any ways the past two weeks have gone by so fast there has bearly been time for sleep, the girls came home the week after us! and I have spent several rather ´´Interesting´´ nights in hospital with the beautiful but very poorley Almendra, The first night I was in hospital with here the first thing the  proter said was ´´well Irish you are about to spend the night in one hell of an ugly hospital and don´t go outside without a gun¨He wasn´t joking either and I tell you if I hadn´t been so occupied with Almendra I would of run a mile as even the inside looks like its had been hit but the london riots sin the fires luckliy!

And staying in the home till 10pm with out realising the time to the amazing nights out with the girls! There has really been no time for sleep! let alone thinking! However you do find after the frst few days without sleep that coffee quickly becomes you bff!

I also was lucky enoguh to go to a vineyard  for lunch and had wonderful food and even more wonderful wine!

I can´t even begin to tell you where the time is gone, Mainly cause my brain just isn´t quite right due to lack of sleep :D anyway this will be my last post from Chile as I just don´t know when I will have time to pack let alone talk to the world!! I will do one final post when I am home but for now this little gringa is over and out


July 23rd, 2011

The gringas hit the road!

  The last two weeks have been some of the most amazing, tiring, wettest and driest of my life!  We took  our first bus down south after spending the day with friends from the Falklands! Which was amazing and great to see some friendly faces!  Then we set off to the bus station after a ïnteresting¨ hunt for the metro! We got to the bus station in time for the football match which was sooo funny as every time anything exciting happened there was a mini earthquake in the station when the crowed Roared there approval or disgust!  When we finally got on our first bus we settled down for the 13 hours that lay ahead of us with ipods, books and sandwiches in hand! An hour out f Santiago the rain started and didn´t stop until we left the south a week later which was a tad of a damper on the trip to say the least! However the south was still very beautiful! When we finally arrived in Puerto Montt we went a brought our bus tickets to Castro in Chiloe which was another 4 hours on the bus with a ferry in the middle! We finally arrived in Castro to more rain and were met their by friends of friends which was lovely! We stayed at their house which was a little out side the town of Castro, Their house was wonderful and had the most amazing views through big glass windows that ran across the whole front of the house and we had a fantastic time there,

 On Sunday we went off to Acho which though is meant to be very touristy during the summer it was a bit closed during the winter and due to the rain a fog we didn´t get to see too much but it was still an interesting trip!  On Monday we explored the town of Castro a little which was nice even with the rain. One of Castros amenities is the House that stand on stilts in the water which is pretty cool to see! In the afternoon we were taken in to a privet Forest owned by the people we were staying with, there aren´t words for how beautiful and untouched this place was, Every where you looked you could almost tell you were pretty much the first human eyes to see this palce. It was so magical that the rain even stopped. This little piece of heaven made the trip to Chiloe for us and I can´t even tell you how lucky we were to experience it!

  On the Tuesday morning we went back into Castro to get a bus first to Puerto Montt and then to Puerto Varas, Again Puerto Varas is renowned for its spectacular views of the sounding volcano’s and the likes but sadly due to the weater we saw pretty much nill and certainly no volcano’s!

 But we did enjoy a rater wet and blustery walk along th lake sure and we ate very well and best of all our hostel had hot showers!! Something neither of us were very used to back in Colina!   Then on Wednesday it was back onto another 12 hour bus to Santiago with a half hour wait at the bus station a 6 in the morning for our next bus to La Serena!  We arrived in La Serena, thankfully sin RAIN at about 3pm on Thursday and headed straight to our hostel which was lovely and like a home from home, In fact it was a home which helped as all the common rooms were Maria´s (A lovely old lady who owned the hostels house) Home!

 We spent the rest of that day hanging about the hostel to sleepy to do much more but go in search of food and a tour office to book a trip to the Valle de Elqui for the next day!

 It was a wonderful sunny trip to the Valle which was very lunch and green but with plenty of sun! We saw and ate plenty of papayas which were yummy and famous in the region! We also had Lunch in a solar restaurant which was great and we tried goat cooked by the sun which wasn´t half bad Along with more Papaya juice and Fruit for pudding with was a crumish lunch!

 We also toured a Pisco Distillery which was semi interesting the more interesting part being the tasting after!  

On Saturday we spent the day looking at the sights of La Serena, Mainly being beautiful old churches as that is what La Serena is Famous for! We also found a wonderful market and generally enjoyed the sun!

 Sunday morning we made sanwhcies and even more excitingly were invited into a leather making work shop owned but the husband of Maria to make little bracelets to remind us of our time in La Serena which was fun although my leater skills certainly wont be a future job!

Later that afternoon we set off for the bus to San Pedro de Acatama, this again was an over night bus an by far the worst one due to the fact we couldn´t sleep and its was late and seemed to take forever! When we finally arrived in San Pedro on Monday, we set off in search of our hostel and straight back our to talk to the hundreds of tour company’s that San Pedro is host to! It was by far the most touristy place we have been with most people speaking English we even managed to find some Irish people who were the first I have met since I left in January! After trialling the company’s we settled on the first one that we had gone into which although a tiny bit more expensive then the others was worth it in the service they offered! 

 At about 3pm that day we set off to the Salt lakes which were amazing and exactly the same as the dead sea just in Chile! Although the water was VERY cold it was pretty cool to float about in the water!

 After that we clambered on TOP of our bus and set off across the desert to some more lakes to see the sun set! Tuesday was nasty as we had to get up a 4am to go see the Geysers de tatio which although were amazing were so so so so so cold!! Our hair quite literary frosted over and went all white!

 But after looking around for a bit we had breakfast which consisted of hotchoclate which had been heated up by the thermal water which was reppty deadly and the prefect drinking tempture! After breakfast we bravely.. or stupidly stripped down to our swimming gear and took a dip in the thermal lake! Don´t get me wrong the water was warm but by gosh getting out was a task in a half!

 Mhairis hair turned into a block of ice as she had gotten her hair totally sopping, and we were both a tad Cold!From there wqe set of to a tiny remote village way up in the mounitions home to about 6 families which was interesting to see but it was a tad remote even for me!

We also go to see our share of Volcanos including an active one which was spewing gases which was interesting! We arrived back at the hostel at about one and had a quick bite to eat and snooze in the sun and the we set off for Vally of the moon and Vally of the Death! Both of which were so beautiful and so completely different to anything I have ever seen!  That night we had drinks with some friends that we had met on the tour and the it was early to bed as we were wrecked!

  Wednesday we had a restful morning and hit the dunes at lunch time for some sandbaording which was amazing! Although a ski lift would f been nice as walking up those dunes in the heat with a sand storm brewing was tough cooking! But sandboarding was amazing and we finished of with a glass of pisco sour watching the sun set over vally of the moon which was truly spectacular!

 After we had just about washed all the sand form our hair we went out for dinner with some friends we had met at the hostal which was lovely! Thursday morning we went horse back riding across the desert which was wonderful and so so unlike uk or Ireland! And an amazing way to end our time in the desert!

At about 2pm we set off for the bus sataion with enough snacks to feed a small country and settled in for our 24hour trip to Santiago which was fine although we had a bit of a shock when we 5 and a bit hours later found ourselves a lot less far into our trip then we thought we were with a half an hour stop!  We did watch all 5 fast and furious movies in Spanish was well and having a rather interesting drugs raid!  With the FBI of Chile armed with guns and sniffer dogs as well as taking parts of the bus apart although it would seem they forund nothing! We eventually found ourselves half dazed making our way to the metor and the to the Colectivo home only stopping to bu some Avocados for dinner! We found ourselves home just in time for lunch at the home which was truly wonderful to see everyone! And I was met by to packags with chocolate form home which was a very vary nice surprise! We even spent some time out in the sun playing with the kids before collapsing at home!   All in all traveling was amazing and prefect the way it was and we are both very happy to be back  in our own beds! Now that I am back the count down for leaving Chile has started and I am totally confused as to how you leave home for home although I am looking forward to seeing family I am not looking forward to leaving them here!

As there are waaay too many pictures here are the links to the albums!!! And yes there are 4!!!!

http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2036126575122.2103790.1002956113&l=6ddaaf21a2&type=1http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2036269058684.2103799.1002956113&l=889e7c7ff0&type=1http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2036042213013.2103786.1002956113&l=1e573c2ff5&type=1http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2036102974532.2103788.1002956113&l=ae554da0a6&type=1Chao XX
July 8th, 2011

Riggghhhhhttt…… So by a turn of good luck (i.e the silly clothes dryer wont dry my clothes and tus can not pack) I am now able to ¨try¨and catch you lot up on my crazy life!!

So I believe I last left you the week before our beautiful Bellen died.  I will never be able yo put into words how much it has effected us all but someone put it quite well by saying how unlucky the new vols we be to never have met such and birght, smiley joyfull little angel. So Monday the 6th of June, This was our first problem when we started to plan our holiday time, in the south of Chiles lake districk there a large Volcano eurpted leaving mas o menos the world covered in ash! Fun times since we want to travel south, we now that its fine and tomorrow as planed Mhairi and I are heading down south to Chiloe!  Tuesday We had a new arrivel to the home, a very funny full of chat little boy called Eduardo who is 3 this arrivel was followed closely by the arrivel on Wednesday of Maria Jose who is 2 and another bundel of joy although the terible twos may of been invented by here, My little reglon Almendra also had an op. on Wednesday for her ears to help her hear better and she is now recovering well! On Thursday the teacher I work with in the school and I went up to the home to evealute the new wee kids and the verdict was that despite their ages they were very able and thus would be in our class bringing our register up to 13!!!! Which is a lot of kids!!  Firday we had visters in the school looking to donate socks, its funny but if someone had said that they were looking to donate socks before working here I would of thought it a bit mad and only now do I relise the importance of Socks!  The weekend as you already know was very sad as it brought the passing of Bellen.  The winter brings sickness here and thus lots of staff and kids are out sick leaving the school quite short staffed making it a very busy week what with everything happening for Bellen too. On Wednesday afternoon Ellen and I took our photography club to Santiago to see their pictures on display in the Uni de  Chile, This was and amazing and unforgettable experince to see this Kids faces as they found their pictures on the wall and Ellen and I were proud a punch!  The weekend brought rain and lots of it so after the delaguade by monday the road out side our house was wet and trodden on making it a very muddy walk to work and a very muddy bunch of volunteers!! Although I had a lovely time on Sunday afternoon when I went to a J:W meeting and had lunch with them all after, its totally amazing how small the world is!!  It also go A LOT cloder this week and because of this most people don´t want to get their kids out of bed that early in the morning this combined with the sickness the cold brings meant we had at most 3 kids all week, which was good as both my teacher and I were out sick for the first 2 days of the week due to over working last week :) From Wednesday on however we were left orginisng the classroom as there weren´t any kids!!!  Monday the 27th was a bank holiday and we all enjoyed the rest, the rest of the week was pretty normal with nothing much to reprot bar Ellen and Anna  departing for their holidays leaving Mhairi and I solita en la casa alowing us to get up to ou trubleish ways! On Sunday we went to the market and brought lots of wolly clothes for traveling which was funn!  This weeks been bretty short really Monday and Tuesday we worked and the unfortunally during tuesday night Mhairi fell ill so we spent Wednesday in the Docotrs, Wednesday was also the kids last day leaving today free for us to pack and get ready to go as luckly Mhairi is a lot better!!!!!!!! All thats left now is to get my clothes dry and listo!!  Were leaving at 8 tomorrow morning to sepnd the day in Santiago as we are meeting great friends of my families form the falklands for lunch in Santiago and then onto our first buss!!!! I will keep you as updated as I can!  But for now Nos vemos and sorry about the lack of pics AGAIN!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
July 6th, 2011

Ohhhh this gringa fell behind!

 Ohh I am very happy to report we now have running HOT water as apposed to the luke warm dripple we have had sice…. oh it doesn´t matter…. Any ways sadly I am no blogging to tell you that  I am truly awful blogger due to the fact I may be the tinyist bit behind!! Any as always I have my excuses….. sadly its been so long now I have forgotten them all! Luckly for you jammy dogers I have been keeping mas o menso up to date so at some point before I go traveling on Fridayy!!! I will try catch you all up! But for now I shall, for lack of anything else better to say, leave you with the travel plans of ¨Kaz and Maz¨Yep how lucky are you being able to follow our every move :) For those of you who don´t yet know…. duh bad blogger thus how could you know!! Maz and I have decided to only take travel time while the kids are out of school, this means taking 2 weeks insead of 1 month like the other girls, this means we get more time with the kids which is what we really want to do and we are both CERTIN we will return to Chile and see a bit more of this amazing country!

Friday the 8th July

Over night bus from Santiago to Puerto Montt Leaving Santiago at 21:15 and arriving in Puerto Montt at about 10am the next day!

Saturday the 9th July

Make are way form Puerto Montt to Chiloe where we will saty with friends for 3 nights until the 12th

Tuesday  12th July

In the morning we will be going from the issland of Chiloe to Puerto Varas a lakeside twon about 40 mins from Puerto Montt.

Wednesday the 13th July

Bus form Puerto Varas to Santiago leaving Puerto Varas at 17.15 and arriving in Santiago at 06.00 the next day.

Thursday the 14th July

Arrive in Santiago at 06.00 and Bus from Santiago to La Serena leaving at 06.35 arriving at 15.00 ish we will then be in La Serena for 3 nights leavinng on Sunday the 17th ( There is no internet in the hostel in La Serena)

Sunday the 17th July

Leaving La Serena at 16.15 and headding for San Pedro de Atacama where we will be until the 21st.

Thursday the 21st July

Leaving the Atacama at 14.20 on a 23 hour bus to Santiago.

Friday the 22nd July

Arriving in Santiago at 12.55 and heading stright for Colina!

So thats our plans!

Maz and Kaz


June 14th, 2011

When we loose someone we love it seems that time stands still. What moves though us is a silence.. a quiet sadness.. A longing for one more day.. one more word… one more touch.. or just another smile. Though we may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say goodbye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget so we treasure them until we meet again.

  MI NIÑA HERMOSA BELENYesterday we lost one of the beautiful little girls that we all work with, She was just 8 years old and it was totally unepected. Tomorrow we will be going to her fuernal, we and the staff form the home as well as the kids we be her family as she has non. Life can be so harsh sometimes.